(krŏn'ĭ-kəl) n. An extended account in prose or verse of historical events, sometimes including legendary material, presented in chronological order and without authorial interpretation or comment. A detailed narrative record or report.

Monday, 29 June 2015


July 29, 2011
7:30 am

She never slows down.
She doesn't know why but she knows that when she's all alone, feels like its all coming down
She won't turn around
The shadows are long and she fears if she cries that first tear, the tears will not stop raining down

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day, whats lost can be found
You stand in the rain

She won't make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself and the fears whispering if she stands she'll fall down
She wants to be found
The only way out is through everything she's running from wants to give up and lie down.

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day, what’s lost can be found
You stand in the rain

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
Stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day, what’s lost can be found

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day, what’s lost can be found
You stand in the rain

( I really hope that I could teach this dance to the youths!)

Sunday, 28 June 2015


July 28, 2011
9:30 pm

Kinda excited for tomorrow’s event- 37th Induction and Turn-Over Ceremonies of the United Architects of the Philippines Pangasinan- Dagupan Chapter.
I was asked to be one the emcees (again) with Arch. Adolf Ferrer. That causes me excitement! (hehee. Wala lang..)
Guess I am being “proud” ba na ma-invite na maging emcee sa harap ng ibang Architects.
It teaches me to be confident, poised and elegant.. (daw..) in some ways.. hahaha.. to be a “lady-like” daw.
Not everyday that am gonna dress for a night! (hihihih…) and am gonna be with my sister!
 Lord, I feel great about this, and I’m preparing for this! Be with me, give me the right words and the right tone of voice tomorrow…

Thursday, 18 June 2015


19 June 2015


Two years ago, it happened at DCI
When you first saw me, I was told, you said "OH MY!"
Never occurred that your heart's already beating
Then you knew I was worth keeping (^_________________^)

We never said hello, never been friends at start
You never got the chance, never did I notice
But those silent months you were doing an inch
And did everything just to break that ice

Then the right time came, and it was lame (^__________________^)
It was your" whatever the cost game"
Our friends found out, we were the target
Now you finally found a way to try your best shot

From our first date in OP to the joyful EK
Somehow I found out that you aren't "not ok"
To the simple treats at Jobe or KFC
To the major teddy bear (i was in ecstacy)

You gave your best but your best aint good enough (as the song goes)
The devastating no and the depth of hurt inside
I somehow noticed that you've cried
If only you can erase the hurt and just hide

I thought it was the end, but I thought wrong
You want to try again, still holding for hope
And this time you've prayed:
"Ill do anything and you'll be mine"

Surely you did and reached through my heart
You learned to love my faith and my beliefs
My family you deeply cares
And that was the start of  wonderful journeys

Our first months were God's beautiful grace
Two different people learning to really cherish
Learning to accept each other's imperfection
Learning to see the beauty beyond each other's frailties

Days run so fast and we had good adventures together with friends
From Coron to Iloilo or just in Tagaytay
Soon to Bora or even in HK or Dubai
All of it were and are treasures because we were and will be together

From our foodtrips on different resto
Mediterranean to Greek or sa may recto (para may rhyme lang)
Or kahit sa ihaw-ihaw dyan sa may tabi
Anywhere ay masarap because it was your libre (^______________^)

Funny how my very reasons of not loving you back then
Are now my very reasons to love you even more now
God is the God of many surprises
And Tutsky, you are God's wonderful surprise in my life

Now the Author of Love has given us another year
Another story to unfold, another journey to enjoy
Though for now we are miles apart
But our love for each other will never part.

2 years ago, when I said "yes" I don't know if we'll make it through
But now, I am more sure that my "yes" will soon be "I DO"
To love you Lex Morgan with all that I am
Now and  soon to eternity.

For your patience and for never giving up on me
For your imperfect perfect love
I will always thank God for keeping us this long and strong
We will never be here if God is not holding us all along

(sana naman hindi rin iisang date ang wedding nuhhhhh..hahaha)


Monday, 8 June 2015


July 11, 2011
3:06 pm


Rush Of Fools
I am an arrow, I am a rocket
I am a river and nothing can stop it
Cause You are the target and You are the atmosphere
You are the ocean that keeps pulling me, You're pulling me here

And I, can't get away, can't get away
Can't get away, can't get away
I can't get away, can't get away...I keep running into You

I am a beggar, You are the table
I am so helpless, God, You are so able
And when I get turned around You change my direction
You're so perfect, I'm so broken, here You come with arms wide open
Chasing after me down every road
You're always waiting there

Even when I close my eyes, I can't help but see
There's no place that I can hide, You're such a part of me
I can't get away cause I keep running into You
I can't get away...


Bebo Norman

Everything is all right, everything is so bright
And the sun is shining beautiful
Everyone is singing, everyone is dreaming
Every world is so colorful

And you look back at me
You know it makes me say

I'm finding you in everything that shines
I'm finding you in between the lines
I'm finding you
You open up my eyes every time
'Cause your love is so alive

Maybe you could stop time, hanging onto daylight
Doesn't ever have to go away
I could sing a new song, maybe get the words wrong
But you know just what I want to say

'Cause when you look at me
You know I still believe

I'm finding you in everything that shines
I'm finding you in between the lines
I'm finding you
You open up my eyes every time
'Cause your love is so alive

When broken things are given wings they fly away
You make me say

Everything is all right, everything is so bright
Yeah your love is shining beautiful
Everyone is singing everyone is dreaming
I'm feeling so alive

I'm finding you in everything that shines
I'm finding you in between the lines
I'm finding you
You open up my eyes every time
'Cause your love is so alive


Across The Sky
You know it's all been said before
Melancholy words that fade with the morning sun
I always say that you're the one
Somehow I'm always left undone

Dreams are never like you think
'Cause dreams don't really know what it is you really need
Love sees what you could never see
Now I see you
And I never knew
What love could do

This is my very first love song
I'm gonna sing it for you
This is my very first love song
I'm gonna sing it for you

I know that this is gonna last
No matter how the change may come I'll have you...
To lean on
I see it more each passing day
What we've become
How wonderful
To feel this love


I feel it in my soul
I know it's gonna grow
I feel it in my soul
I know it's gonna grow
I feel it in my soul


Wednesday, 3 June 2015


July 08, 2011
9:04 pm
Elisabeth Elliot
 “The world cries for me who are strong: strong in conviction, strong to lead, to stand, to suffer.I pray that you will be that kind of man, glad that God made you a man, glad to shoulder to burden of manliness in a time when to do will often bring contempt.”

Men and Women:
-       Equal in being created
-       Equal in the image
-       Equal in moral responsibility
Masculinity and feminity, being elements of the original design, radiate GLORY. They SHINE. They are the norms, carrying in themselves something of GOD’S IMAGE.

The woman (ishah). The ancient story:
-       She was made for the man
-       She was made from the man
-       she was brought to  the man
-       she was named by the man
Masculinity means INITIATION
Feminity means RESPONSE

A woman cannot properly be the responder, unless the man is properly the initiator. He must take the lead in order that she may follow.
Men were to hold the position of authority. Women are the subordinate. Men represents CHRIST. The man “is the image” of “represents the very person” of God.

Real women will always be relieved and grateful when men are willing to be men.
God looks for men who will see it for what it is, and in the face of sound ostracism or scorn, will stand strong with Him.
There are times when we long for authority, because we do not know what to do. We’re lost, and we want somebody to show us the way. We need leadership.

The power of SERVANTHOOD:
-       it commands RESPECT
-       it does not demand it
It takes a strong man or woman to lay down a life.
A man’s willingness to offer up his life for his wife, or for anybody else who happens to need him, is not the end of everything. It’s only the end of himself.

What we are- men or women- determines what we do.
It is fitting that one should LEAD and the other FOLLOW.

Trusting God is doing the greatest thing anybody can do.
Trusting God to take care of your love life is a rigorous daily exercise of faith.

The Lord has promises wisdom to all who ask it. He has promised guidance to those who are willing to accept the way He chooses. He has promised to fulfill the desires of all who fear Him.

“I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew
He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me.
 It was not I that found, O Saviour true,
No, I was found of Thee.”

To aim at loving instead of being loved requires sacrifice. Love reaches out, willing to be turned down or inconvenienced, expecting no personal reward, wanting only to GIVE.
The true man knows when is up against something TOO BIG for him and needs help. He is driven to the ONLY ONE who knows to love like this, and asks for help, ON HIS KNEES.
A man who is to be a leader must prepare for leadership, the same way Jesus prepared: BY BEING WILLING TO SUFFER.

To husband means: to take care of”, “to cherish”. As Christ cherished His own Body- His Bride- that is- US- so a man cherishes a woman: holds her dear, values her highly, treats her tenderly.

Is a sacrificial symbolism. It’s a gift you offer your wife. Without that offering, she is not free to be fully a woman, for to be fully a woman means to respond, to receive, to be asked upon, to follow.
You’ve got to give her the gift of your MANHOOD- initiating, cherishing, leading.
This is what women want, in their heart of hearts.
Love is willing to be inconvenienced.

A real woman is quick to see what is truly ADMIRABLE in another. He identifies with him, contemplates what made him what he is, and tries to appropriate that man’s methods to reach his own goals.
God’s man takes initiative, as he was meant to do, but he is not aggressive.
He is strong, but not ruthless,
Sure, but not swaggering,
Heard, if need to be, but not cruel.

Was meant- not for privilege, prerogative, favoritism, or dominion, but for LEADERSHIP. And leadership means sacrifice, help uplifting, redemption and cries.
Leadership is not meant to exploit, but to lift, not to exterminate, but to rescue, not to rend, but redeem, not to devour, but to carry, not for primacy, but for priority.
It means, in the last analysis, obedience, service, even death, for the sake of others.
-       PT. Forsyth

If  OBEDIENCE is what marks a man, it can be nothing less than OBEDIENCE that makes a real woman.
Sometimes OBEDIENCE means WILLINGNESS to do apparently useless thing, in order that God may do the great thing.

No marriage can survive without forgiveness, forgiveness embraces suffering.
Often it is better just to forgive in your heart before God, and perhaps the will give opportunity for the person to recognize his wrong without your prompting, and He will come to you.

A man must at times be hard as nails: willing to face up the truth about himself and about the woman he loves, refusing compromise when compromise is wrong. But he also must be TENDER. No weapon will break the armor of a woman’s resentment like tenderness.
You may not understand her. You may find her unreasonable and illogical and unsearchable by any means other than honest tenderness. Is she can believe even for a second or two, that you really want to understand her, that you are earnestly trying to see things from her point of view, she will budge. I know, I am a woman, and I appear unbudgeable to some, but it also know what a man’s arms around me will do to my defenses.

The more Christ-like the man is, the more it will cost him to make his wife the woman she ought to be. He knows he’s a long way from perfect, and if he ever tries to rebuke or exhort, she will probably remind him of this quite pointedly. Recent sins will provide her with vivid illustrations. It is only honor to be cowed by such reminders. We are told in the Scripture to consider ourselves before rebuking someone, for we too, may be tempted to commit the same sin. Yet this does not excuse us from rebuking.
A faithful speaking of the truth in love is another thing together. A willingness to be refined oneself by that. First of love is in a different category.

LOVING or making love
To make love refers to a performance. It is an act which technically does not require anything remotely resembling real love.
To love by contrast, requires leaving the self-behind, abandoning it for the other.
“Love will not be merely something we ”make” from time to time, but something we live. Love will be the climate of our homes.”

Having a FAMILY
Being a Father will put you on your knees if nothing else ever did. It will save you from yourself, because you are forced to attend to this very small person for whom you and his mother are responsible.

“We all tend to be infatuated with the idea of strength- but we fail to recognize that all true strength is grounded with humility.
-       E. Herman

A checklist.. ( for a good wife)
-       feminity and faith
-       A real woman
-       Christian

1.    Ought to be glad, she’s a woman.
She accepts the place her feminity gives her in God’s world. She knows she was made for man, from man, brought to man by God, and named by him. she does not covet the not given.
2.    A real woman understands that man was created to be the initiator and she operates on that promise.
3.    A Christian woman acknowledges Christ as her Lord and Master.
She is meant to adjust, adapt, submit to, and respect her husband; she seeks to do those things as to the Lord. To be doing it for the Lord always changes the picture.
4.    Has a sense of humor.. Must know how to laugh –first of all at herself.
Find a woman who can see the absurd. Find somebody who does not take herself so deadly seriously that she has to be always taking about who am I and how am I relating, and how do I really feel about myself.
5.    Ought to be willing to put her husband and her children first: above her own interests, including a career.
There is no greater service to humanity than the rearing of a Christian family.
6.    A woman who knows that love is not a feeling.
The love that sustains a marriage0 and s sustained by marriage itself- has to be ACTION.

Help him with the checklist (for men)
1.    Be a man.
It is in response to the fullest expressions of your manliness that she will be most womanly. Take the lead with humility and submission to Christ. Be responsible for her.
2.    Make her glad she’s a woman.
Notice things.
Honest compliment.
Be courteous.
3.    Understand that leadership is for her help and redemption and be willing to take charge. Even if you believe your wife to be your spiritual superior, you are the appointed priest in your house.
“She believes if a husband will pray for his wife and the things she is going to do that day, or if the wife prays for her husband and the things he is going to do, that marriage will be strengthened as the years go by.”
-       Billy Graham

4.    Love her with the love described in 1 Corinthians
5.    Remember that you are heirs together of the grace of life.

This is one of the great qualities of the Bible, that men and women, are ALL the recipients of the GRACE that is greater than all our sin.