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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The ALE Board Ratings

APRIL 14, 2009

9:25 PM

The results are out just this morning, the PRC results came, was delivered by Dad.. before I left house mom said that a letter came “indicating where did I fail”.

I was so nervous when I opened the letter. I was thinking that I failed ALL the subjects, or what is my rating on the exam…

Then as I read the first subject: DESIGN... it was 69!! Come on! That means, kahit papano there were some correct solutions! It really gave me BIG HOPE! and when I saw my total average? It was 69.30!!! Goodness!! That would mean, I’m only .70 away from passing the exam! My hopes are really  high!

SUBJECTS                                                                                        RATINGS

1. Architectural and Site Planning                                                                  69

2. History and Theory of Architecture,

Principles of Planning, Architectural Practice                                                 71

3. Utilities Systems/ Structural Conceptualization/

Building Materials and Construction                                                               68

GENERAL WIEGHTED AVERAGE RATING                                                          69.30


I don’t know, but I was laughing real hard! Ironic? It wasn’t painful na. The good news that it brought was for me, it wasn’t bad after all, my grades are for me, good na, but not better- because if it were, then I should have passed the exam! Hahaha

My morning exam, 1st day, I really passed it, knowing that it was really hard, all along , I thought, I really failed that morning, but it was the other way around! Hahaha... I failed the afternoon subject, when all I thought, was easy…

I was so close!!! That means Lord; I have a big HOPE TO PASS on JUNE?? I am hoping Lord...! I was really glad in my average, ironic as it may sound! Hehehee...

At least Lord, I have known my failures and weaknesses... I’ll DO BETTER next time!

That’s why, when I arrived at the office, I got hold of my books and started reading again! I was so eager and excited!

Lord, thank You. Thank You for allowing me to see that there is HOPE... HOPE IN YOU.

Help me Father to do my best the next ALE. I really need to review again. But above all else, Father, help me to put You first in everything that I do. Help me not to forget Lord…

Give me wisdom Father, the ability to comprehend all I have to review again...

Thank You for giving me hope and joy…” amen

Friday, 22 June 2012


APRIL 13, 2009

9:30 PM


Rebecca St. James

Darling, did you know that I 
I dream about you 
Waiting for the look in your eyes 
When we meet for the first time 
And darling, did you know that I 
I pray about you 
Praying that you will hold on 
And keep your loving eyes only for me

'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling 
Wait for me too 
Wait for me as I wait for you 
'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling 
Wait for me too 
Wait for me as I wait for you 
Darling wait

Darling did you know 
I dream about life together 
Knowing it will be forever 
I'll be yours and you'll be mine 
And darling when I say 
" Til death do us part" 
I mean it with all of my heart 
Now and always faithful to you


Now I know you may have made mistakes 
But there's forgiveness, and a second chance 
So wait for me, darling wait for me 
Wait for me 
Darling wait for me


Monday, 18 June 2012


APRIL 12, 2009

11:13 PM

Our service started at around 10:15am and after the prelude, we danced  a modern dance “COVER THE EARTH “choreographed by Jovin.

We sang 8 songs. There was anticipation on what will happen on the service. Overall, we had a different kind of service this morning; people were watching and listening, (we) hoping that they were grasping the messages. We ended in praise and worship where they were inclined to participate and not just watch in worshiping. After what was all heard and seen, it was time to bring back all the glory…!

People went out with joyful hearts.

And we hope Lord, that You used this experience in order for us to learn and find ways to worship You creatively, heartfullly, truthfully.

This night, we also led the praise and worship at Estanza UMC. We were all humbled and grateful that God has been graciously using us for His glory.

Methodist church is a traditional-worshiping church; It was practiced 100 years ago until now. And somehow, (for me) Methodists were afraid of change, most in worshiping the Lord. And when praise and worship entered into the church, as part of the worship service, it was not fully welcomed; there were  lots of criticisms. It was a slow change...

But God graciously and patiently opened the eyes of the church, to fully accept the praise and worship as part of the worship service for the Lord.

It is our prayer, that we, the church, would greatly boast for the Lord, for spiritual growth, for praise and worship...

God knows our desires, our cries… He knows... God is always at work. He knows, He sees….

God teach us to be patient, as You have been patient with us. Change our heart, our perspective and use the praise and worship in a different light for Your glory alone,

It is not enough that we are the only ones who are enjoying Your presence, who tastes Your goodness. We are all commanded to praise You Lord with all that we are…

And may we be joyful always in proclaiming  Your goodness, Your mercy, Your grace and Your unending love...

Keep on teaching us what we should do Lord, teach us, humble us... All glory is due to Your Holy Name...


Sunday, 10 June 2012


APRIL 11, 2009

10:43 PM

It has been an exhausting yet joyful busy day! We’ve been preparing for our Music Kantata this Easter which will be tomorrow.

There will be dances and songs…! I’m amazed on how God worked marvelously in the lives of the committed young people and our Deaconess.

Because of Your greatness and goodness Lord, our lives were forever changed, and we’re doing all these things because WE LOVE THEE.

This is our offering, this is our own thanksgiving, and this is our expressions of our love to Thine. We are forever grateful..!

Thank you for coming on this earth, to save us, for rising again that we may also rise from the dead and be with You and share with You, Your glory in paradise..

For all the people You have used Lord, thank You, for their dedication, their commitment. .

Lord we want to praise and worship You. As we, Your people, chosen, will stand there today. Let Your glory fall on Your people... let Your glory cover the earth! Let Your praise resound, roar like a mighty army of worshiper of Your Holy Name. You are good, and worthy to be praised…

Lead us, as we lead your people into praising and worshiping You Father, with all that we are…


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rethinking Romance in God's Way

APRIL 08, 2009

11:30 PM

I seek for the Lord’s will between me and him.

Somehow, I wanted him to grow first in his faith... and I need too to grow more and more...

I wanted him to find his TRUE LOVE; in the loving arms of Christ... to delight in Him ad God will give Him the desires of his heart. (Psalm 37:4)

I was confused, but little by little, I’m beginning to see God’s purpose… and maybe to remind him who should be the center of his attention- JESUS not me.

Lord, I know and believe You have great plans, for him, for me…

I know that it is not time, nor if he’s the one I’ve been waiting for… but teach me to serve him as my brother in Christ, in ways I could help... may I remind him to “love You with all  his heart, mind and strength..”

Back when I think of my confused state, I realized that I’m making it “too serious”. But ever since I embraced the TLW principle, I entrusted my love life to God. I could not just afford to “just check or find out” if he is the one for me. What God has told me, was to have friendship with him that would not lead him astray...

I am serious in waiting for my True Love, and God’s timing is always, always, perfect. That will never ever change...

I will lend him my book “I KISSED DATING GOODBYE” by Joshua Harris, and I do pray and hope that he will learn from it. It’s time for him to rethink romance in God’s light and wisdom.

My answer for him is not yet, I am not ready, and so is he…

Lord, thank You for opening up my eyes, for guarding my heart, for keeping me secure in Your everlasting arms. At times my heart is in confusement, but thank You Lord for reminding me that You are my God... You hold my future

I thank Thee for all the people around me, for their love and prayers.

I pray Thee that may we continually seek You and glorify You whatever decisions we may do...

Thank You Abba, I Love Thee…”


Friday, 1 June 2012

Waiting for someone who’s waiting for me…

APRIL 03, 2009

8:49 PM

Waiting for someone who’s waiting for me…

When I allowed God to use me, He brought me to a place where I could lay down all of me, and learn to follow Him. I was used as a living testimony of God’s grace to the young people of our church. And I pray that I will grow… I was growing... I am growing by God's grace… I came to know God more intimately than ever before…

As I was growing, searching for God, He revealed to me wonderful ways through His wonderful people such as Guru and Miss Anna. He used them for me to see Him truthfully. And their lives are powerful testimony, their commitment, their passion, their service- I was struck by them... and from  them, I came to welcome the “waiting process in my life

TRUE LOVE WAITS… That I would wait for romance... I would wait for the right time that God would reveal to me who is my better-half.

I am 24, and still waiting... now, that someone is saying to consider courtship in our friendship- I am confused. I like him as a friend, and I loved how God works in his life, at his new found church... but I’m not too sure if “courtship” is the thing for us…

And so I needed advice... I seek Miss Anna instead of guru, knowing that she would better understand the struggles of a woman…

And she said:

TLW ay pagpapakita ng trust sa sovereignty ng Diyos- na alam Niya at tinakda na Niya kung sino yung better-half natin. Basta ang tignan mo eh, kung mas mahal nia si Lord. Pag pumayag ka sa courtship kasi, may possibility na mafa-fall ka na sa kanya. Ready ka na ba na magpa-submit sa kanya just in case?

Kung ready ka na emotionally at spiritually, dapat pati ikaw nakikita mo na ready ka ng magpa-submit dun sa guy at maging suitable partner. Yung tingnan mo pag magiging kayo, mas effective ba kayo sa advancement ng Kingdom of God. Basta don’t base your decision sa emotion, physical appearance, kahit yung theological sounding nia.

Pray for an eye that you may be able to see his first love. Iba standard natin, we look for men who will make us their number 2. Masakit kasi pag yung mahal na mahal mong Diyos ay di ganun kamahal ng tinatawag mong “better half” mo. We are jealous for anything that would steal the glory of God, kaya dapat hindi tayo ang una sa heart ng mapapangasawa natin.

Keep your standards HIGH. And when I say HIGH, I don’t refer to the mere externals (theological sounding, good educational background physical looks, etc.) in the end, what maters is a man’s LOVE for the LORD that only overflows in accurate theological understanding and service to God.’

I thank God for the life of Miss Anna. Somehow, my questions were answered, the burdens have been lifted up… we texted a lot of things. Struggles in church, of how men ought to be leaders are lacking.

Miss Anna’s mentioned one of her many prayers- an accountability group for the Umc. Many women are struggling on their feelings... and we need mature women, to lead women, and mature men to lead men... Lord when will it be?

So Lord, back to my heart... will I allow him to court me… am I ready to be lead into a deeper friendship with him and find out if we were meant to be? I ask for Your wisdom and guidance Lord… please show me the way... what is Your will Father?

I do enjoy my time with You Lord, and You know that. But sometimes, when I’m left or feel alone, I wonder when will that time comes when You would show me the man You have created just for me. A man who will lead me into knowing You more and more, a man who loves You more than loves me. A man so full of compassion, of care, of sincerity, of joy, of laughter, of contentment... just a simple man who loves You Lord…?

Is it him? or is he just a passing ship for me to look upon?

Please show me… tell me what to say… deep within me, I do like him as a friend, but would that be enough to take the next step…? What is Your will Father…?

I will wait for You Oh Lord… my God...