(krŏn'ĭ-kəl) n. An extended account in prose or verse of historical events, sometimes including legendary material, presented in chronological order and without authorial interpretation or comment. A detailed narrative record or report.

Saturday, 20 December 2014


March 22, 2011

May sundot at may pitik
Dito sa pusong tumitibok

May onteng sakit sa kaalamang
Siya’y lilisan na at magpapaalam

Maaalala lahat ng kalokohan
Kawerduhan at katuwaan

Mga kwentong malalim at mababaw
At ibat ibang klaseng pananaw

May sundot at mat pitik
May kirot at may onteng sakit

Subalit sa kaalamang kagustuhan ng Diyos
Na ikaw nga Ngayon ay aalis

Kapayapaan sa puso ang Siyang maghahari
Pagkat kagustuhan Nia ang siyang mangyayari

Alaala mong ibinigay
Ay sa puso’y ilalagay

Makalimot man nag isip at alaala ko
Subalit alam kong ikaw ay parte na ng buhay ko

Pasasalamat kaibigan ko
Ay aking alay sa Poong Maykapal
Paalam kaibigan ko
Magandang paglalakbay
Ang sa iyo’y nag-aantay…

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


March 22, 2011
I don’t wanna live my short life
Living in dull moments
Depriving myself of what is given
The gift of JOY
Lord, I do know that sometimes I lose my boundaries
But I know my limits...
Help me to enjoy life... in Your way
Not just in some fancy – worldly way..
They say that Christians should be the happiest person in the world!
I wanna live that life... to live to the fullest
I wanna shout out for joy!
I wanna dive into the ocean deep and see your beautiful creatures below
I wanna fly like a bird and view the perspective from up above
I wanna dance like there is no tomorrow
I wanna sing my heart out
I wanna laugh like there are no people around
I wanna see Your glory in the beauty of Your creation
I wanna delight in You, with Your people
I wanna live like this is my last day...

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Prayer For a Friend

March 18, 2011

Lord, again, I’m amazed on how “you work things out for our own good”.
Lord I am amazed on how You are working in our lives, and how Your goodness shines forth…
Lord, I am humbled and thankful on how You sees and knows our needs long before we even ask…
Lord I am awed that Your plans are better than ours..
That in time Your answer may seem to us a resounding “no”, You have said “no” because You have better plans and beautiful plans. Your denials are always Your mercies...
Lord, thank You, thank You so much. For allowing “those times” in our lives that made us “see” who You really are.
Unfailing love, righteous Father, just and Holy... You are above everything we could think or imagine…
My heart is full of joy, knowing that we can always Trust and Hope in YOU.
That we can rely on Your Word, even though many times, we fail…
Whatever is Your will... Lord, I pray to give us a heart that says “amen!” “Thy will be done!”
I will surely miss my friend and our friendship… but I will joyfully thank You... that there is someone like him that I’ve known...
Lord keep him under the shadow of Your wings, watch over him, strengthen his faith, may it persevere when He is being tested in the fire... may his faith would shine forth as “gold when tested in fire”.
Lord I pray that when trials and persecution will come, he will endure because You are his “strength, the strong Rock and fortress”.
May he always be thankful and see “beyond” the circumstances and he may always “find You with him, always with him...”
I will surely miss my friend... I know and believe that You’re up to something bigger than him, bigger than life...
May he find all the answers he was looking for in YOU.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


March 17, 2011

Is there a possibility that I might fall for this guy Lord?
One thing I do know today, I love our friendship.. I don’t know if I would love it to flourish, but I know that “YOU CAUSES ALL THINGS TO GROW”.
I do believe that it is in Your Sovereign plan that I met him. I am benefiting from the friendship , I do and I am thankful Lord.
Teach me Lord to follow You more than anything else. May I glorify You above everything else.
Teach me Lord to guard and guide my heart, it is weak, it has the tendency to go astray.. again..

If I would love a man
I’ll love him because of his heart
Of his ideals and character
That shines in his life

If I would love a man
I’ll love him because of his enduring faith
Because I see Jesus in his life
And the wonderful changes He brought

If I would love a man
I’ll love him because of little things
That shows his heart
Kind, compassionate, joyful, forgiving

If I would love a man
I’ll love him because He loves You more
I’ll love him because I know I am created
For him and him to me

Would a man dare to venture
Even if I lost all reasons of loving him
And really see me..
As I am…?

Even in weaknesses or strengths
In my doubts or in faith
In my pains or in joys
In my laughter or cries

Would  a man be strong enough
To accept and love me as I am
Even if all my reasons
Of loving him faded

Would a man dare to step
Would a man be courageous
To see me as I am
Even without all reasons?

Friday, 21 November 2014

Delighting in God

March 17, 2011
6:30 pm

Whenever, wherever… to continue to use me Oh Lord, give me a heart that is willing to trust and obey..
I will worship Thee with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength and all my mind..

(speaker at SCC-UMC last Sunday afternoon 03112011) God be glorified!
 Amen and amen!
Delighting in God, valuing God- that is WORSHIP.

“If worship bores you, You’re not ready for heaven.” – A.W. TOZER