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Sunday, 19 June 2016


19 June 2016

My Everdearest Lex,

Happy 29th birthday and Happy 3rd Anniversary sa ating dalawa.!

I can still remember kung paano mong nakuha ang "OO" ko, 3 years ago. I never wanted to say yes on your birthday, kasi I believed memories or days should be celebrated separately. But it is God's grace na maging tayo on  your birthday. As King Solomon said, "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21. So yes, it is God's plan and His amazing grace that we are celebrating today two special moments. Biro mo, isang gift na lang ang bibigay ko sayo? Laking tipid nun ha! (^_________________^)

So, what should I say to you  on this special day bukod sa greetings? I had been thinking for weeks kung ano ba ang magandang ihanda for you. Collage? (given na un) Poem? (last year na un) Surprise Gift? (wala pa kong sahod e) and ngayon ngang birthday mo na, wala akong naihanda. Bukod sa etong simpleng sulat ko sa yo na mababasa mo na lang sa BIBER.

So tutsky, pagpasensyahan mo na kung LOVELETTER muna (bawi ka na lang pag-uwi ko hehehe)
We've been together for a year and 2 months, and apart for a year and 9 months. So, mas matagal tayong magkahiwalay kesa magkasama... But, it is by God's grace alone kung bakit TAYO pa rin. Long Distance Relationship ay mahirap. It takes a lot of patience, of trust, of understanding in order for us to survive. I have my ups and downs, my lonely nights and sad days, when I think of how far I am with you, with my family and friends. At least my technology, so we can chat and call and see each other. Though sometimes, kulang pa rin (or maybe sa akin lang). Sometimes, I long to see you more, at mahirap dahil umaga jan (work mode ka na), gabi pa  sakin (tulo lway mode). Pag work mode naman ako, pagod ka na and you have to take your rest. So... it is in those little times, and pasingit-singit na kamusta mode, kwento mode sa Biber, are reminders that SOMEONE IS WAITING. It is in these little times, that we are reminded that we are loved, we are cared.

For those months that we've survived and until now we continue to hold on to that promise to "WAIT FOR ME AS I WAIT FOR YOU"

I love you Lex and everyday of my life is a life of thanksgiving to God for giving me YOU.

I will always thank God for you... for your Love, for your Understanding, for your big heart, for all your hard work (para makaipon at may pambayad ^_____________^).

Ilang buwan na lang and we will be together again and a year from now, WALA NG IWANAN.
Enjoy your day tutsky ko! Know that I am always praying for you, and for the both of us.

I miss you more than you could imagine.

Loving you always,

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

God keeps no one on the waiting

November 19, 2011
5:00 pm

Monday, 13 June 2016


November 04, 2011
10:07 pm

Salamat sa Iyo O, Panginoon ko
Sa lahat ng nangyari
Sa loob ng dalawampu’t anim na taon
Lungkot man o ligya
Sa sakit at ginhawa
Sa bawat oras ay kasama Kita

Dalangin ko sana’y Iyong pakinggan
Sa sa isang taon muli
Iyong gabayan
At sa aking paglalakbay
Ay lagi kong iisipin

Ikaw ang lagi kong kapiling…

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dear Lord

November 03, 2011
9:34 pm
Dear Lord,

Another year… of hopes, joys, failures, sadness, journeys, laughter’s, cries, struggles, burdens, triumphs, victories… and its always humbling to know that You’ve graciously an patiently molding, waiting, holding on me for 27 years... and Lord, I am amazed.

My yesterdays are gone, my childhood dreams are gone. But I have today. Yours is tomorrow… and You’ve always taught me to live my todays- Today- and not my yesterdays… yes I have committed so many mistakes and wrong doings, but it is in those mistakes that I’ve learned, grow and mature into who I am today..

Question is, who am I now Lord, today? Journey still continues…

There are many valleys and shadows Lord, but You are my light and salvation, whom shall I fear?

Lord, it is and has been my greatest pleasure to serve You and praise You and worship You.

In my highs and lows, in my burning passion and in coldness… you have seen me and work still through me and in me…

Father, I pray Thee that I will not let any thing occupy my heart that will diminish Your glory... you are the rightful throne of my life... let not earthly desires or earthly possessions exchange You in my heart and in my life Lord.

Lord, lead me... I will always need You...

For all the people I loved and cared about, my families, my friends, my church... You are forever faithful and You, by Your grace and mercy will continually bring forth blessings upon blessings on them and to them, thank You Father…

I may not see my tomorrow, but I know YOU HOLD MY TOMORROW.

Hold me close Father, into Your loving arms... I’m forever grateful to You…